ZyXEL NSA-310 Single Bay NAS Overview

When it comes to network attached storage for the home users, most of us are thinking about low power and energy efficient little devices to sit next to our routers, behind the TV, maybe even under the floor boards or where ever you crazy kids are putting your NAS’ these days.

Either way if you’re thinking more along the lines of power consumption and data redundancy isn’t overly a concern of yours (Maybe you think your HDD will never fail, or you actually use the USB backup functions.. Who knows?) either way a single bay NAS usually ticks the box for the power conscious voice inside of all of us. That’s where this little devil a.k.a. ZyXEL’s NSA-310.

Now ZyXEL have kindly given us an informative overview in the form of a YouTube video so for those who once again prefer to mindlessly absorb information in the form of a video, sit back and watch.


And for a comprehensive list of specifications keep scrolling down.


System Specifications

Network Protocol

  • CIFS/SMB for Windows
  • NFS for Linux and Unix
  • DHCP client
  • PPPoE

Network Application

  • Personal Cloud with Polkast support
  • Media server
    • DLNA 1.5 media server
    • UPnP AV server
    • iTunes server
    • SqueezeCenter support
    • Photo album server
  • Web server
    • FTP server
    • phpMyAdmin/MySQL/PHP
    • RSS client & server

Network Application Management

  • User & group management
  • Package Management for setting up applications
  • One-click-hosting sites download manager

Network Security

  • Support HTTPS and FTPES (FTP over explicit TLS/SSL)
  • Encrypted NSA to NSA remote replication
  • Encrypted NSA to external disk archive backup

Data Management

  • Backup support
    • One-touch copy/sync button for external USB-capable devices backup
    • Backup planner:
      • Instant/Scheduled backup
      • NSA to NSA synchronization/archive backup
      • NSA to external USB hard disk backup
    • PC to NAS backup (Memeo AutoBackup software)
  • Download/Upload support
    • Auto-download from FTP/HTTP/BitTorrent/eMule
    • Scheduled download
    • One-Click hosting sites downloading
    • Auto-upload photos and videos to YouTube/Flickr/FTP server
  • File system support
    • Internal HDD: EXT4
    • External HDD: NTFS, EXT2, EXT3, FAT32, ReiserFS, XFS

System Management

  • Internal SATA work with eSATA hard disk to have RAID1 or JBOD migrate to RAID 1
  • Online firmware upgrade
  • Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.)

Power and Thermal Management

  • Power control:
    • Internal disk hibernation support
    • Scheduled power off/reboot
    • Wake-on-LAN support
    • APC USB UPS monitoring and auto shutdown
  • Thermal management:
    • Smart fan speed control
    • High temperature alert/buzzer
    • Auto shutdown while high temperature

Minimum System Requirements

  • OS for utility: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 & 64 bit)
  • Browser: IE 7.0+, Firefox 3.6+, Google Chrome 10+, Safari 5+

Hardware Specifications

  • One 3.5″ SATA II/III hard disk interface supported
  • LAN: One 10/100/1000 Ethernet RJ-45 connector
  • Two USB 2.0 ports
  • One eSATA port
  • Buttons
    • Power button
    • Copy/Sync button
    • Reset button
  • Smart fan design
  • Power consumption
    • Access mode: 16.3 watt
    • Wake-on-LAN mode: 0.24 watt
  • Power
    • Input: 100 ~ 240 V AC,50/60Hz
    • Output: 12V DC; 2.5A
  • Front Panel:
  • Rear Panel:

Physical Specifications

  • Item dimensions (WxDxH): 58 x 196 x 130 mm (2.28″ x 7.71″ x 5.12″)
  • Item weight: 662 g (1.46 lb.)
  • Packing dimensions (WxDxH): 362 x 110 x 201 mm (14.25″ x 4.33″ x 7.91″)
  • Packing weight: 1530 g (3.38 lb.)

Environmental Specifications

  • Operating environment:
    • Temperature: 0ºC to 40ºC (32ºF to 104ºF)
    • Humidity: 0% to 95% (Non-condensing)
  • Storage environment:
    • Temperature: -30ºC to 70ºC (-22ºF to 158ºF)
    • Humidity: 0% to 95% (Non-condensing)


  • Safety: CE LVD, BSMI
  • EMC: CE, FCC Class B, C-Tick, BSMI
  • Others: DLNA 1.5, UPnP

Package Contents

  • Media server
  • Stand
  • Power adapter
  • Ethernet cable
  • Quick start guide
  • Support CD
  • Warranty card



And once again this little device is compatible with Fun Plug and you can even install a Debian Squeeze distribution on there with some tweaking and a special USB Cable but I digress that’s for another time, check back for future updates on this one.

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