About Us

What is NASDestruction?

NASDestruction.com is a website dedicated and aimed at breaking the little plastic molds your hardware originated from and unleashing as many possibilities as possible when it comes to getting the most out of your Network Attached Storage device or NAS for short – hence the site name.

What can I expect to gain here at NASDestruction?

Well firstly we hope to hit a range of target audiences, from people looking to purchase their first NAS seeking reliable and impartial opinions and reviews on the hardware available. As well as people who already have their own NAS and want to add or unlock some additional features, such as installing Fun Plug or maybe even Debian Squeeze allowing users to have their NAS hosting websites, databases, automatically downloading from torrent trackers or usenet and a plethora of other features not always available out of the box.

So who’s behind NASDesturction?

Well we don’t want to ruin the illusion of being a bunch of uber-geeks stuck in a small room with lots of network cable and an abundance of free time, so that will be the image and description you’re going to have to base your ideal of who we are on.

Just imagine us as a hand full of guys with nothing but a stack of hard drives, miles of network cable, an abundance of networking hardware (switches, routers, etc.) and a hell of a lot of free time.